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Crossing the River With Dogs

Crossing the River With Dogs
By:"Ken Johnson","Ted Herr","Judy Kysh"
Published on 2004 by Springer Science & Business Media

Students who often complain when faced with challenging word problems will be engaged as they acquire essential problem solving skills that are applicable beyond the math classroom. The authors of Crossing the River with Dogs: Problem Solving for College Students: - Use the popular approach of explaining strategies through dialogs from fictitious students- Present all the classic and numerous non-traditional problem solving strategies (from drawing diagrams to matrix logic, and finite differences) - Provide a text suitable for students in quantitative reasoning, developmental mathematics, mathematics education, and all courses in between - Challenge students with interesting, yet concise problem sets that include classic problems at the end of each chapter With Crossing the River with Dogs, students will enjoy reading their text and will take with them skills they will use for a lifetime

This Book was ranked 11 by Google Books for keyword problem solving.

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